Researchers and Labs

Rasmus Birn, PhD

Improving techniques for measuring functional brain organization (specifically, resting-state functional connectivity MRI).

Josh Cisler, PhD

The overarching goal of our research is to understand the neurocircuitry that confers risk for psychopathology following traumatic event exposure.

Roseanne Clark, PhD

Dr. Roseanne Clark conducts clinical research focusing on Postpartum Depression, Parent-Infant Relationships and Emotion, Behavior and Attention regulation in infants and young children.

Richard Davidson, PhD

The Center for Healthy Minds conducts rigorous scientific research to bring new insights aimed at improving the well-being of people of all backgrounds. Our research, rooted in neuroscience, focuses on the question: What constitutes a healthy mind?

Ryan Herringa, MD, PhD

Dr. Herringa's BRAVE Lab examines developmental brain mechanisms of resilience and vulnerability in youth following traumatic events.

Stephanie Jones, PhD

Dr. Jones' work is broadly focused on understanding sleep’s role in cognitive and emotional function during child development. Her ongoing research includes studying the role of sleep disruption in daytime mood and attentional performance.

Ned Kalin, MD

The Kalin Lab combines molecular, preclinical animal models, and human functional imaging studies to understand the neurobiological mechanisms underlying anxiety and mood disorders.

Janet Lainhart, MD, PhD

Dr. Lainhart’s research focuses on understanding longitudinal brain growth, development, and maturation and relationships to the course of clinical symptoms, cognition, and co-occurring psychiatric conditions in autism.

Katherine Schaumberg, PhD

Investigates both risk factors and behavioral treatments for unhealthy eating and activity patterns.

Zachary Stowe, MD

The impact of maternal mental illness, substance abuse, and stress during the perinatal period on obstetrical, neonatal, and developmental outcomes.